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Background Photo: Scripps Pier in La Jolla, California at Sunset. Click here to see the full-size version and buy this print.


Included in this collection are some of my favorite shots from San Diego and my travels. On each of the pages, I’ll try to go into a little detail about what went into creating the final shot. There’s quite a bit of work behind the scenes. I’m not going to deny that I use Adobe software to enhance my images. I’m upfront and honest about it though and I’ll try and lift the veil a bit about how these images are created.

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By nature, I’m a very quiet person. An introvert. My hope is that by writing this blog, I’ll learn to put myself out there. I’ll be talking about different places I travel to, lessons I’ve learned, and even vegan recipes. The recipes are mainly for me though. Most recipe sites are so annoying with all of their ads. Anyway, as I’ve said above, I welcome your comments and feedback. I hope to hear from you. Maybe this will be fun.

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About Me

First, it was baseball, then golf, then strength and conditioning, then photography, then web technology, then scuba diving. I’ve done quite a bit professionally in my life. My goal was to have fun, learn, and give it my all with anything I tried. My blog will give you an idea of the things I’ve learned and done, but the about page will give you a sense of who’s behind the writing.

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