darren-squat-smlI started with internet marketing in 1999. I’ve always had a curiosity about the internet and the type of brain that likes to figure things out. So I started tinkering. Except this time I started playing around with HTML and ASP code instead of my car. This tinkering grew into an obsession of sorts. Wanting not only to figure out how a website was created but how I could write the code to replicate it. In other words, I’m a nerd.

It didn’t take long before I created my first high traffic website for a NCAA basketball pool that myself and a couple of my buddies ran every year in March. It had it all… Instructions, sign-up online, it kept score, forum, etc. Nearly 100% automated. That site is the sole reason our pool grew from a 10 person local bragging rights contest to a 500+ member international sensation.

Eventually though (mainly because of a threat from the FBI) I had to shut things down. I look back on that site with fondness. It was the first “successful” site I ever built and  the starting point of my internet marketing.

Since then, I’ve started my own business that’s morphed more than a few times the years. I started building websites for clients mainly from scratch.  That evolved into Joomla design and development where I would build out sites for higher end clients and train them on how to update their own websites. Eventually I made the switch from Joomla to WordPress and I haven’t looked back although my business would make several more turns.

I started backing away from developing sites for clients and got more involved into building premium plugins and site design for myself. That all led me to where I am today. It’s rare now that I build anything for clients. I mostly concentrate on building and developing for myself and driving traffic using CPV and CPC on many different ad platforms. Being the impatient person that I am, I’ve never been able to wait around for SEO to work.

My time is split between my passion of being a strength coach and internet marketing. I can easily make a full time living in the IM arena but will never give up the lifting.